You say Christmas, I say Kindness ❤

I've been seeing and hearing a lot of people talk about the holidays being the most stressful time of the year.

It may be true, but I don't want you to forget just how joyful this time of the year is! Don't take these moments for granted -- embrace the joy, open your heart wide and let the love in.

So below are 10 ways to spread the love and embrace Kindness this season...

1: Giving thanks to our community helpers. 

Think of all the amazing and dedicated workers that help shape the quality of your community life. 

Involve your kindness kids by picking a local helper together and delivering a small treat or gift card to thank them for being your community kindness warrior. 

2: It takes a village to raise a family

GURRRRRL you know it’s the gosh darn truth! Whether its grandparents or play date parents, sometimes you need all hands on deck when raising a brood of your own. You may fantasize about a kid free break yourself from time to time or perhaps every morning upon waking ;) but why not extend this priceless gift to another hard working momma?

Offer your friend to have their kids over for a playdate so they can get some holiday shopping or at the very least grab a shower and enjoy a full hot cup of coffee especially if they have little ones!


3: Love the one you’re with!

Need more romance in your life? 

DATE yourself folks! 

Buy yourself some flowers, draw yourself a candlelit bath, go to a movie solo and you don’t even need to share your popcorn – whaaaaaaat?

We always say here at the Kindness Warrior community, feel good by doing good right? Well gosh darn do some good for yourself and you will FEEL GOOD!

4: Love Thy Elder

We have created a loving community here at Kindness Warrior to ensure each and every one of feel like you belong, that your presence here matters. 

This is exactly the kind of compassion we must extend to our elders. We need to remind them that they are still an important and relevant part of our family and community by sharing acts of kindness with them.

Bring over a meal or holiday treat to an elderly neighbour or shovel their driveway the next time it snows.

Strike up a conversation with a senior while waiting in line at the grocery store or give up your seat on the bus.

Whether it be a stranger or a cherished loved one, they will greatly appreciate the personal contact and conversation just as much as the act of kindness itself. 

5: Welcome Wagon

Build some Kindness Warrior street cred by welcoming a new person into your life.

Perhaps invite a new co-worker to sit at your table for lunch or encourage your children to welcome the “new kid” by inviting them to play at recess.

Why not welcome your new neighbor in town with some muffins or shove a bum in your pew at church and wave the new family in to sit. 

The power of a warm smile and welcoming words is truly a gift of kindness that keeps giving.

6: Love actually is all around!

Ask yourself what is the worst thing that will happen if you ease off the gas pedal, let someone cut in front of you in line at the ticket booth, or give up your seat on the subway?

Remember you WILL arrive at your destination, but it’s your choice to arrive happily and safely. 

Slowing down, cultivating more kindness and being mindful of your actions and words towards other travelers will bring more joy to everyone’s holiday celebrations this year.

7: Gift to a stranger

Tape a gift card to a gas pump or a leave a bag of coins taped to a washer at the laundry mat.

Take part in a charitable service (Toys for tots, Operation Warm hearts). Deliver a hot drink to someone who works outside.

Bring soup and snacks over to a sick friend.

Have fun coming up with your own ideas and please tag us #wethekind as you carry out your joyful random acts of kindness! 

8: One Kind word may change someone’s entire day.

We don’t often hear enough encouragement, praise and love these days which means we all need to do our part to SPEAK more words of love. “Once you see the good in someone, it's not hard to see the good in everyone" - Cassia Leo




Wash, rinse and repeat.

9: Gratitude. Gratitude. Gratitude. 

This year spend time looking at each person who will be sitting at your holiday dinner table and feel the full weight of gratitude for their presence. 

Ask yourself why you are thankful for this person in your life? Think about what it has taken for this person to be present and celebrating with you. 

What challenges or miracles have they and even you experienced this year to get you to this exact moment together?

As this year closes it’s time to reflect on who and what truly matters in your life and CELEBRATE IT. 

Gather. Give thanks. Be Kind.

10: Cultivate more kindness in the kitchen

Here are a few ways you can cultivate more kindness in the kitchen and eat it forward!

It can be as simple as making enough food for two meals and dropping one off to a neighbor in need.

It is baking a friend’s favourite treat for their birthday or when they could use a little cheering-up.

Pay for someone’s groceries in line behind you or even a stranger’s morning coffee at the drive-thru. 

Ask for a food or $$ donation to the local food bank instead of gifts for your birthday. We did this for the girl’s first birthday party and it was a hit among our guests! 

Mother Teresa said “If you can’t feed one hundred people than just feed one”. It may just start with one single act of kindness, but the ripple effect will be felt across the entire world. 

Go forth and spread Kindness my dear warrior! 

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