Why Gathering feels GOOD

Have you ever experienced the power of coming together as a group - at a concert, in a congregation, at a sports event or theatre production. I still get goosebumps every time I walk into a theatre. 

There is something magical about coming together as a group to listen, learn, be entertained and experience it all together.

I’m definitely discovering more of my introverted self in these past years and enjoying peaceful moments of solitude (night also coincide with the arrival of the twins haha) however there is something to be said about coming together as a community - it just feels good to gather Warriors!



Yoga is that clear cut example for me. I love the freedom in rolling out my mat and being able to connect within at home. However, anytime I attend a class and practise as a group the energy feels totally different as we are sharing in the space, energy and experience together.


The question you may want to ask yourself is : how much and what kind of connection do I want to welcome into my life?

It's no surprise how difficult it can be to navigate togetherness in this tech centric age because we often turn to social media for our bite sized connection points during the day.

We can pop on quickly and easily to feel connected through status update’s and pictures but this is one way consumption. You may find you are missing out on the full experience of a two way conversation (using all our senses) when it’s done in person! Could be the friendly puppy in me but I love to hug, see and share energy with a friend right there in front of me 😉 Hello Warrior Wednesdays!

Check in with yourself after your social media use to see how you are using it and how it makes you feel. Having awareness around how you consume/connect/interact with social media will let you know what serves you best.

Here’s the thing, there are so many beautiful benefits of the online world. I created and cultivated our gorgeous Kindness Warrior community via this online space but now I’m ready to dive in deeper with you all.

Our Warrior Wednesday meetups in Uxbridge are the perfect example - having a warm and cozy place  to show up just as we are, to chat about topics in an authentic and meaningful way. I’m so thankful for these weekly gatherings!



As humans we NEED togetherness, we seek belonging it’s at our core of being however we are also individuals with unique needs and grow and expand in our own right. It’s flowing between both (much like the idea of masculine/feminine energy) that allows us to take what we need from each to feel balanced.

Maybe you have felt like you have been extraverting like mad this past week and feel full from many social interactions and are craving a little “‘me time”. Carve it out sister wherever you can and pick something off your self care list to recharge your batteries!


Alternatively maybe your intuition is giving you signals to get out there and gather baby!

Try a new class, workshop or snap up tickets to the local theatre. Call up some local mama’s for a park play date or ask a friend to go for a walk. Come hang with us on Wednesdays! There is something to be said for in person connection loves.


What are you craving time for this weekend Warrior? Let me know over on IG , I just love hearing from you!

Stay Cozy Loves,

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