Heart-Centered Holidays: Choosing more Harmony over Hustle this year!

Dearest Kindness Warrior,

This week marks the start of the holiday parades, commercials on TV and the makings of your first communal gift list. (possibly colour coded, organized by family and age, accessible for the entire family on your shared google calendar - you go girl!)

OR maybe you are more the absent minded scribbler on the random bottom of the purse, grocery list kind of gal? *Ahem - raises her hand.

 Regardless of whatever “best practice” gift list category you subscribe to;) I think we can all agree that the holiday GIFTING season can sometimes feel a wee bit challenging.

 This is why i'm just so darn excited to kick off the holidays with my brand new blog series called, Heart-Centered Holidays.

I'll be sharing weekly loving notes of support and inspiration to help you choose more harmony over hustle this holiday season.

I believe that with a little positive intention, inspiration and support, we can all experience the feelings of peace, joy and love during the season of GIVING.
-Sarah X0

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