Bullying stops where kindness begins

Do you remember using the rotary phone when you were a kid?

Or scrounging around in your pocket for 25 cents to call home from a pay phone?

Do you remember calling your school yard crush and having to make it past their mom, dad or sibling and having to ask if they were home? Or how the internet (when we finally got dial up) would shut down every time someone made a phone call?

I got my first cell phone at the age of 19 and I’m talking a giant flip phone, Zach Morris situation. And that was only because I was driving from Guelph home every few weeks during University!

Even then I only had the ability to call. It wasn't until years later I finally had the capability to text.

But for our kids these days, that is not the case. Kids are getting early access to cell phones with the ability to talk, text, Snap Chat and play games at the touch of a button. Social media will play a HUGE roll in the lives of our little and big ones.

And while social media can be good for communicating, exploring new perspectives and sharing experiences, it can also be a source of shaming, comparison, and yes, even bullying.

As my twin girls are only 5, I haven’t yet experienced this added challenge of parenting. 

But what about you my dear Warriors? Have your kids experienced cyber bullying? What resources helped you and your child navigate this experience? Please comment below so we can share with our community.

On February 27th, we’re celebrating Pink Shirt day here in Canada. Our kids, are asked to wear Pink Shirts to school in lieu of putting an END to Cyber Bullying.

Pink Shirt day started when two Canadian teens harnessed their inner Kindness Warrior power and stood up for their classmate who had been bullied due to wearing a pink shirt. The next day the two warriors handed out pink shirts to wear at school to show solidarity and zero tolerance for bullying. 

You see: Bullying stops where kindness begins.

Let’s teach our children to choose love again with their next breath, thought, word and action.

That is certainly one Kind Mission that we here KW can get behind! 

So, for every pink shirt you purchase from Kindness Warrior in February, I will be donating 10% of all the profits to CKNW Kids Fund. Since 2008, CKNW Kids' Fund have been raising funds for anti-bullying programs. 100% of net proceeds are distributed to various organizations that support children’s healthy self-esteem, both with their peers and themselves. They teach empathy, compassion and kindness.

You can read more about this organization and their impact HERE 

And if bullying is something you are navigating at home with your kids, VISIT HERE for powerful resources on how to support them.

This day is not only for kids but teachers & parents too! Plus our rose-coloured line will make the perfect little Valentines day gift to YOURSELF, while also giving back to a great cause ;) 

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Get your pink orders in before the 27th, and let’s spread Kindness throughout all of February y'all! #wethekind


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