Before gift shopping this year, ask yourself these three questions....

It’s not about how much we give but how much love we put into giving - Mother Teresa


Before gift shopping this year, ask yourself these three questions to learn how to gift a GOOD feeling, not just the goods themselves.


Gifting Gratitude:

Why are you thankful for this person in your life? Give a gift honouring how they make you feel. 

Choose warm fuzzy socks or a cozy sweater to thank your friend for all the love, warmth and comfort they have provided you throughout the year.

Presents that Praise:

What unique gifts or traits do they possess that you can celebrate or enhance with a thoughtful gift?

Gift a custom made necklace with an empowering word or mantra that complements their inspiring personality.  

Gifts that give back:

What loving act of kindness can you share with your family or friends?

Remember that gifting your time, talents, knowledge or support does not have to cost any money to easily become the most memorable and meaningful gift you can give this year.

Pair the gift of a romantic dinner (it can be your one pot wonder, candles and a bottle of sparkling wine folks;) along with the offer to watch their kids at your house.

Let your creativity and spirit of generosity shine warrior, because there is truly no better gift than one that is given from the heart.

Peace, Love and Kindness,

XX Sarah

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